Table 1

Average cost of the treatment of congenital talipes equinovarus using the Ponseti treatment method, based on CURE Clubfoot programmes in Africa

Cost (US$ per patient)Assumptions*
 Casting, unilateral2230 min per foot for cast removal, assessment, recast; seven visits; two health workers each time†
 Brace evaluation1520 min per visit (same for unilateral and bilateral patients); 14 brace reviews per patient; one health worker35
 Tenotomy (staff), unilateral10Average cost at CURE partner hospitals
  Total staff cost, unilateral46
  Total staff cost, bilateral78Double costs for casting and tenotomy
 Casting, unilateral25Two rolls of cast and under-cast padding per leg, at US$3.50 total; seven castings
 Tenotomy (equipment), unilateral5Average cost at CURE partner hospitals
 Brace60Four braces at US$15 each (not accounting for reuse)
  Total cost of supplies, unilateral72
  Total cost of supplies, bilateral90Double costs for casting and tenotomy
Total cost, unilateral136
Total cost, bilateral197
Average total cost167
  • *Data from CURE Clubfoot.

  • †Health worker salary estimated at US$500 per month, with a 40 hour working week, equal to roughly US$3 per hour.