TableĀ 2

Determinants of health service usage during the late-crisis and postcrisis periods

% of sick children in HH who accessed careAdult sick and accessed care
Late-crisis period
Distrust in government0.660.75
# of delayed body retrievals reported0.870.75
# of EVD victims known0.930.92
Experienced government outreach during crisis2.012.79
Postcrisis period
Distrust in government1.100.68
# of delayed body retrievals1.070.854
# of Ebola victims known0.990.92
Experienced government outreach during crisis1.051.90
Control variablesYYYYYYYY
Ward fixed effectsYYYYYYYY
Round fixed effectsYYYYYYYY
  • Robust SEs in parentheses. ***p<0.01, **p<0.05, *p<0.1 Logistic regression with ORs reported. OR SEs clustered by enumeration area. Estimates weighted by inverse attrition probabilities. Variation in sample size across models is due to either applicability or non-response.

  • EVD, Ebola virus disease; HH, household.