Table 1

Total cases notified in 6 months of pilot study through the IndOSS-Assam

Conditions under surveillanceCasesDeathsPercentage of cases (95% CI)Percentage of fatality (95% CI)Total deliveries
FAAMCH, Barpeta
 Eclampsia9252.9 (2ċ4 to 3.6)5ċ4 (1ċ8 to 12ċ2)3145
 PPH4451ċ4 (1ċ0 to 1.9)11ċ4 (3ċ8 to 24ċ6)
 Puerperal sepsis610ċ2 (0ċ1 to 0ċ4)16ċ7 (0ċ4 to 64ċ1)
 Septic abortion1010ċ3 (0ċ2 to 0ċ6)10ċ0 (0ċ4 to 45ċ0)
 Uterine rupture910ċ3 (0ċ1 to 0ċ5)11ċ1 (0ċ3 to 48ċ2)
 Anaemic heart failure1750ċ5 (0ċ3 to 0.9)29ċ4 (10ċ3 to 55ċ9)
 Total178185.7 (4ċ9 to 6.5)10ċ1 (6ċ1 to 15ċ5)
GMCH, Guwahati
 Eclampsia82161ċ1 (0.9 to 1ċ4)19ċ5 (11ċ6 to 29ċ7)7330
 PPH7451ċ0 (0ċ8 to 1ċ3)6ċ8 (2ċ2 to 15ċ1)
 Puerperal sepsis1790ċ2 (0ċ1 to 0ċ4)52ċ9 (27ċ8 to 77ċ0)
 Septic abortion1670ċ2 (0ċ1 to 0ċ4)43ċ8 (19ċ8 to 70ċ1)
 Uterine rupture1720ċ2 (0ċ1 to 0ċ4)11ċ8 (1ċ5 to 36ċ4)
 Anaemic heart failure1890ċ2 (0ċ1 to 0ċ4)50ċ0 (26 to 74)
 Total224483ċ1 (3ċ0 to 3.5)21ċ4 (16ċ2 to 27ċ4)
Both sitesTotal in two tertiary hospitals in 6 months of pilot study
 Eclampsia174211.7 (1ċ4 to 1.9)12ċ1 (7ċ6 to 17ċ9)10 475
 PPH118101ċ1 (1ċ0 to 1ċ3)8ċ5 (4ċ1 to 15ċ0)
 Puerperal sepsis23100ċ2 (0ċ1 to 0ċ3)43ċ5 (23ċ2 to 65ċ5)
 Septic abortion2680ċ2 (0ċ2 to 0ċ4)30ċ8 (14ċ3 to 51ċ8)
 Uterine rupture2630ċ2 (0ċ2 to 0ċ4)11ċ5 (2ċ4 to 30ċ2)
 Anaemic heart failure35140ċ3 (0ċ2 to 0ċ5)40ċ0 (23ċ9 to 57ċ9)
 Total402663.8 (3.5 to 4.2)16ċ4 (12ċ9 to 20ċ4)
  • FAAMCH, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Medical College and Hospital; GMCH, Guwahati Medical College and Hospital; PPH, postpartum haemorrhage.