Table 1

Design modifications incorporated into the mobile continuing medical education (mCME) V.2.0 intervention

Limitations of mCME V.1.0Changes incorporated into mCME V.2.0
1. Daily quiz content did not build sequentially.Content bundled into 1–3 week-long modules around a single theme (eg, HIV and tuberculosis)
2. Intervention did not provide links to technical information related to the daily quiz questionsSMS messages included hyperlinks to technical readings aligned with the daily quiz question
3. SMS messages were not integrated with other distance learning modalitiesEach module began and ended with SMS messages including hyperlinks to online CME course on that same topic
4. Motivational feedback would make the SMS quizzes more engagingAt the completion of each module, participants received an SMS summarising their performance on the module’s quizzes along with the group’s average performance
SMS, short message service.