Table 2

HIV/AIDS topic areas addressed in mobile continuing medical education V.2.0

Module numberThematic areas covered in module
1HIV counselling and testing
2HIV in children
3HIV in adults
4Antiretroviral therapy in pregnancy
5Antiretroviral drug resistance
6Managing treatment failure
7Diarrhoeal diseases in HIV/AIDS
8HIV and tuberculosis coinfections
9HIV and viral hepatitis
10Common skin problems in HIV/AIDS
11 Penicillium marneffei infections
12HIV-associated lymphomas
13Long-term effects of HIV and antiretroviral therapy
14Neurocognitive problems in HIV
15Palliative care and methadone replacement therapy
  • Modules lasted 1–3 weeks, and therefore included between 7 and 21 daily topics, in addition to the introductory and concluding SMS and the feedback SMS sent the day after completing a module. Modules ran on a Monday to Sunday schedule.

  • SMS, short message service.