Table 3

Adjusted and unadjusted ORs for factors associated with infant mortality according to socioeconomic and intermediate factors, analysis of South Sudan Household Survey, 2010 (n=8215)

VariablesOR*95% CI†P valueAOR‡95% CIP value
Intermediate determinants
Socioeconomic position
Community factors
 Type of cluster
  Urban1.35(1.08 to1.69)0.0091.35(1.08 to 1.69)0.009
 Geographical location (regions)
  Greater Upper Nile1.00
  Greater Bahr el Ghazal1.09(0.85 to 1.41)0.505
  Greater Equatoria1.15(0.89 to 1.49)0.281
Mean household wealth index in the cluster0.97(0.74 to 1.26)0.798
Proportion of mothers with intermediate school education in the cluster1.66(0.57 to 4.81)0.351
Mean number of antenatal care visits in the cluster0.71(0.50 to 1.03)0.068
Percentage of deliveries assisted by trained birth attendants in the cluster1.10(0.61 to 2.00)0.755
Percentage of mothers receiving postnatal care in the cluster1.79(0.76 to 4.22)0.180
Household factors
 Household wealth index
  Middle0.94(0.76 to 1.16)0.562
  Poor1.01(0.82 to 1.24)0.920
 Gender of household head
  Female1.00(0.83 to 1.19)0.967
 Education of the household head
  Secondary+ education1.00
  No education/primary education1.14(0.82 to 1.58)0.45
 Maternal education
  Intermediate+ education1.00
  Primary education0.75(0.48 to 1.17)0.206
  No education0.80(0.53 to 1.21)0.298
 Maternal literacy
  Able to read1.001.00
  Unable to read1.43(1.04 to 1.98)0.0291.38(1.00 to 1.92)0.051
 Maternal marital status
  Never married (single)1.001.00
  Formerly married1.27(0.91 to 1.77)0.1671.42(0.99 to 2.04)0.057
  Currently married1.27(0.97 to 1.67)0.0821.41(1.04 to 1.90)0.026
 Polygamy status
  Husband had one wife1.00
  Husband had more than one wife0.96(0.80 to 1.16)0.669
Individual’s circumstances
 Maternal conditions/behaviours
 Maternal age at her last birthday (years)
  20–34 1.001.00
  15–19 1.25(0.95 to 1.63)0.1081.85(1.20 to 2.85)0.005
  35–49 1.21(0.99 to 1.47)0.0591.07(0.87 to 1.32)0.511
  Heard about family planning
  Yes1.34(1.08 to 1.66)0.008
 Ever had child who later died
  Yes3.21(2.67 to 3.87)<0.0013.19(2.62 to 3.88)<0.001
 Cooking location
  Elsewhere in the house0.89(0.70 to 1.15)0.388
  Outdoors0.90(0.74 to 1.10)0.321
 Garbage disposal
  Dumping (throwing outside the house)0.97(0.81 to 1.16)0.752
 Mother experienced domestic violence in the past year
  Yes0.96(0.77 to 1.18)0.670
Infant condition
 Infant gender
  Male1.11(0.94 to 1.31)0.2411.22(1.01 to 1.47)0.035
 Family have access to improved source of drinking water
 No1.36(0.99 to 1.87)0.055
 Family have access to improved sanitation facilities
 No1.14(0.85 to 1.52)0.378
  • *Unadjusted odds ratio (OR).

  • †Confidence interval (CI).

  • ‡Adjusted odds ratio (AOR), and the odds ratio adjusted for all other variables in the table.