Table 1

The prevalence of the study variables and the under-five mortality rate according to socioeconomic and intermediate factors, South Sudan Household Survey, 2010 (n=8215)

VariablesNumber (percentage)Mortality rate*
Nn (%)*NeonatalInfantUnder-five
Intermediate determinants
Socioeconomic position
Community factors
 Type of cluster
  Rural71466134 (74.7)376995
  Urban26302081 (25.3)5090120
 Geographical regions
  Greater Upper Nile28402639 (32.1)387096
  Greater Bahr el Ghazal38382733 (33.3)377498
  Greater Equatoria30982843 (34.6)4678109
Household factors
 Household wealth index
  Wealthier27082734 (33.3)4374101
  Middle27372741 (33.4)387299
  Poor27942740 (33.4)4177103
 Gender of household head
  Male54054472 (57.1)4073100
  Female39303364 (42.9)4074103
 Education of the household head
  Secondary+ education766628 (8.0)497095
  No education/primary education85697209 (92.0)3974102
 Maternal education
  Intermediate+ education310322 (3.9)296886
  Primary/informal adult education12771286 (15.7)306993
  No education66386597 (80.4)4273100
 Maternal literacy
  Able to read794823 (10.4)355884
  Unable to read71557096 (89.6)4075105
 Maternal marital status
  Never married (single)11551123 (13.7)366189
  Formerly married12201256 (15.3)427593
  Currently married58645835 (71.0)4176105
  Polygamy status
  Husband has one wife.38903950 (57.3)3976103
  Husband has more than one wife29782947 (42.7)4276104
Individual’s circumstances
 Maternal conditions/behaviours
 Maternal age at her last birthday (years)
  20–34 52515206 (63.4)377096
  15–19 901873 (10.6)4684111
  35–49 20872136 (26.0)4780109
 Heard about family planning
  No67386630 (81.0)387096
  Yes14761557 (19.0)5190121
 Ever had child who later died
  No51755210 (72.3)234869
  Yes20191994 (27.7)83140180
 Cooking location
  Kitchen26962245 (29.2)4578109
  Elsewhere in the house18681556 (20.2)417191
  Outdoors45923896 (50.6)377291
 Garbage disposal
  Burning35803019 (39.0)4076101
  Dumping (throwing outside the house)56554732 (61.1)3972102
 Mother experienced domestic violence in the past year
  No61386072 (77.1)4176101
  Yes17481808 (22.9)4071102
Under-five condition
 Under-five gender
  Female48394057 (49.4)407697
  Male49374158 (50.6)4172105
Family have access to improved source of drinking water
   Yes970807 (10.4)245888
   No82446927 (89.6)4275102
 Family have access to improved sanitation facilities
  Yes1068877 (11.2)376898
  No82556949 (88.8)4074101
Community-level factors
 Mean household wealth index in the cluster, mean (SD)NA2.22 (0.36)NANANA
 Proportion of mothers who attended intermediate education in the cluster, mean (SD)NA0.04 (0.09)NANANA
 Mean number of antenatal care visits in the cluster, mean (SD)NA2.73 (0.28)NANANA
 Percentage of deliveries assisted by trained birth attendants in the cluster, mean (SD)NA0.19 (0.17)NANANA
 Percentage of mothers receiving postnatal care in the cluster, mean (SD)NA0.09 (0.12)NANANA
  • *Weighted for the sampling probability.

  • NA, not applicable.