Table 4

Additional explanatory quotes from in-depth interviewees

Type of electronic aggression behaviour
Example 1: flaming: Use of mean, hurtful/ abusive words“I met the guy on 2-go chatting together so he just came one day to our house and told me that he needed to see me without informing me that he was coming to see me. When I saw him, I did not even behave as if I knew him so then he left. The next day we met on 2-go again and he said he will soon send something to me … and he sent the message and it reads, I am an adult that I don't have respect at all, and that I did not behave as if I know him when he came to our house. He even said that maybe my parents did not train me well that's why I don't have respect for people … … “that I am a harlot”. I harassed him back and told him that maybe he is following his father's footstep that's why he is behaving like that”. 19-year-old female cyberbully victim and perpetrator
Example 2: Embarrassing postRespondent: … I don't know the person … he now commented on my wall on Facebook. I didn't reply…he sent me a text message and I still didn't reply. The next thing he would say, is “ ‘Asewo’[meaning commercial sex worker] can't reply because you have “business” on Facebook’. Many people commented on this…. but I didn't know the person that wrote that initial comment on Facebook. The person did not use his real picture…. he put a box on his profile picture and his name also. The person embarrassed me but I don't know who he was. I investigated but people didn't know the person.18-year-old female cyberbully victim and perpetrator
Example 3: ThreatsInterviewer: Have you ever been harassed in the past 3 months?Respondent: Yes.Interviewer: By who?Respondent: I don't know him, he just called me on phone; I was surprised how he got my number.Interviewer: What made you to think that you were harassed?Respondent: He threatened me on phone.Interviewer: Then how did you feel the moment you heard it?Respondent: I was afraid, scared, I was restless, thinking, “What am I going to do to stop this?”Interviewer: Did you take any action?Respondent: I told my close friend and he advised me that I should be patient, I should inform him about anything that happens afterwards.Interviewer: Why didn't you inform your parents?Respondent: Because the voice I heard on phone was not a grown up's voice. The voice sounded like somebody of my age. That was why I did not inform my parents and decided to share it with my very close friend. Also if anything happen to him [my close friend], I will be the first person he will inform.Interviewer: Did you still continue dating the girl or you ended the relationship?Respondent: I later stopped dating the girl…… and the moment I did this, I have not received any harassing call or text message from anybody.15-year-old male victim of electronic aggression
Example 4: Repeated sextingInterviewer: … In school again you harassed someone through picture?Respondent: I sent him (a male friend) a “rubbish picture”Interviewer: What was in the picture?Respondent: It was a “female breast” that I sent to himInterviewer: What were your reasons for sending that to him?Respondent: Because he has done such thing to me before, so I revenged by sending it back to himInterviewer: What kind of picture did he send to you?Respondent: He sent me a male picture …. naked picture of a male's private partInterviewer: What did he do after you sent him that picture?Respondent: He got angry and told me what is the meaning of the picture I sent to him and I replied that he had already send something like that to me before that it was reason why I revenged. I went to beg him and apologised. 19-year-old female victim and perpetrator
Example 5: Effect of electronic aggression on a victimInterviewer: What effect did the incident have on you?Respondent: At times I would feel so bad, scared … down. Many times I even pretended as if I was sick and I would not come to school.Interviewer: About how many times did you pretend as if you are sick?Respondent: Like five to seven times.Interviewer: … and your parents never bother to take you for test (medical test)?Respondent: They took me, I made up stories to convince the doctors, but they (the doctors) carried out some tests but I was okay … … And doctors thought it was academic stress. They just said I needed to rest.15-year-old male victim
Example 6: Reason for delay in reporting of electronic aggression“They [other students] gave examples, of people that reported in the past, and their parents did not do anything. Like there was an incident, whereby a parent brought the police to the school and nothing happened. … He [the bully] told me that if I dare report to my parents that will be my last day on earth. 15-year-old male victim